I am the former European IT Manager of a multinational supplier of yield management systems to the semiconductor industry, responsible for a team of 5 supporting nearly 400 staff in 11 locations with a budget of $1.5m.
The dotcom crash saw the end of my 21 year career in corporate IT, and I started advertising my consulting services using AdWords.
Seeing my ads appearing instantly after months of SEO effort got results and was addictive, and my international AdWords Agency was born by accident.
Since 2005, I have been an AdWords Manager, Consultant and Trainer to hundreds of world-wide businesses, responsible for over £24m / $37m client spend and 1.86m sales and leads. 
After experimentally breaking all the accepted AdWords rules of the day, I accidentally discovered the Clicks, Customers, Cashflow System, and began specialising in Commission-Only AdWords Management for eCommerce.
I have spoken at international marketing conferences in Chicago, London, New York, and Maui Hawaii, hosted by industry experts and Amazon Authors including Perry Marshall, Howie Jacobson, and Ken McCarthy's System Seminar. 
I am the Author of "The AdWords Bible for eCommerce - How to Sell More and Earn More with Unlimited Budgets" (Amazon, Nov 2014)
I am a featured contributor to "AdWords for Dummies" (2012, Jacobson and McDonald) and "Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords" (2014, Marshall, Rhodes, Todd).